Rums Spring and Dungeon v2.0.21 (Mod Apk)


Rums Spring and Dungeon v2.0.21 (Mod Apk)

Idle system x beautiful girl x strategy RPG “Ram Fountain and Dungeon”!
The adventure to save the world by helping the sealed girl [Ram] begins now!

■ Synopsis
A world where the battle against evil gods who want to destroy mankind continues from long ago.
In order to protect the girl Yuina, who has been chosen as the ultimate weapon of mankind, Ram challenges the evil god, but is defeated and sealed.
However, the evil god was not unscathed, and a short-lived peace came to the world.
[Yuina] decides to take her place and fight against the evil god and go on her adventure journey to rescue her sealed [Ram].

▼ 2D auto battle with cute characters
Raise cute characters and conquer dungeons where evil gods are said to sleep!
Mini characters will automatically adventure!

▼ Expedition mode is a roguelike tower defense! ?
Take the characters you have raised and defeat the boss of the enemy force while completing various events!
It’s not an auto battle, it’s a strategy mode that requires strategy and luck!

▼ The real pleasure of idle system
Characters train and earn experience while you sleep!
By preparing the training environment, you will be able to acquire a lot of good experience points!

▼ Full of replay elements! ?
Full of replay elements such as unique skills, limitation systems, and artifacts!
It is said that if you collect all the artifacts, a miracle will happen. Can you make that miracle happen!? ?

[Game introduction]
・The operation is super easy, play idle with full auto battle!
・Various factors such as character status, skills, and breakthroughs determine victory or defeat!
・The expedition mode is RPG x roguelike x tower defense!
・No additional downloads! Easy RPG that can be played with low capacity!
・There is also a hack and slack element!
[Recommended for people like this]
・ Those who want to play crisply and without stress
・ Those who want to get stronger every day
・ Those who like roguelikes
・ Those who like tower defense
・ Those who like idle games
・ Those who like interactive elements
・ Those who want to develop beautiful girls

*This game is handled by two couples, including planning, development, design, illustration, and operation.
Your support and encouragement will be our greatest strength! thank you!

Rums Spring and Dungeon


MOD Features*
Mod Menu
>Weak Enemies
>Wither Enemies


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