Production Chain Tycoon v0.9.27 (Mod Apk)


Production Chain Tycoon v0.9.27 (Mod Apk)

Production Chain Tycoon is an idle tycoon management game.

Produce resources and combine them to produce even more resources. Use produced resources and your logistics skill to buy new factories.

At first, you can produce a few essential resources such as wood and stone. Then quickly move on to more complex products such as concrete and plastic. As the game progresses, the supply chains become more and more complex.

Do you like idle, management, or incremental games, but most lack strategic, logistic, and business elements? Ten Production Chain Tycoon, with its multiple playing styles and challenging complexity, is the game you should try. Spend your time looking after your very own industrial area and make money from your production company.

Create organized production and assembly lines with a perfect flow in this industrial city building simulation. Maintain the proper flow of technologies, build new factories and ensure that all supply chains are in order so you can continue to make money from factory building management.

Production Chain Tycoon is a supply chains strategy game where you will:
– Explore the industrial logistic chains
– Tweak the efficiency ratios of your supply chains
– Manage resources mining process
– Manage factories in the heavy industry sector
– Invent and develop new technologies

Production Chain Tycoon v0.9.27

– Free to Play
– Single-Player
– Offline – the games works without an internet connection
– Intuitive construction management gameplay with idle, strategy and logistics game mechanics

Join the industrial revolution and become a tycoon in all industries: from the mining industry through the manufacturing industry to the assembly industry.Production Chain Tycoon
Production Chain Tycoon
Production Chain Tycoon
Production Chain Tycoon
Production Chain Tycoon

MOD Features*
1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency (resource, coin) – Increase instead of decrease


Production Chain Tycoon v0.9.27 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

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