Nextbots Online v1.56 (Mod Apk)


Nextbots Online v1.56 (Mod Apk)

Nextbot is what will haunt you.
This game has 2 modes “Survival” and “Search for sheets”.

In survival mode, you can create up to 50 bots at the same time and adjust their speed and size. You can also play with friends online and communicate via voice chat.

In “Search for sheets” mode you enter a randomly generated level where you have to find 5 sheets.
After that, find a door with a combination lock and enter the code.
You will be chased by bots, be careful, because at every step there could be someone waiting for you:
Selene Delgado
Chomp man
and many others

You can also create your own bot!
Good luck!

Nextbots Online Nextbots Online
Nextbots Online
Nextbots Online
Nextbots Online
Nextbots Online

Mod features:
The game is in the beta stage. In order to optimize your testing experience, the developer provides you with a developer function menu in the game:
Hostile characters and background music can be used directly
1. Characters will not be injured
2. Can jump higher
3. Speed up movement
4. No Ads
5. Unlock all skins
Note: Some skins need to be unlocked after entering the skin replacement page and clicking the “Unlock All Skins” button in the menu. Unlocking the last skin may cause the skin selection interface to get stuck. Please use it with caution. (After exiting the game and re-entering, you need to click to unlock the skin again)


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