GoetiaX Jp v4.9.9


GoetiaX Jp v4.9.9 (Mod Apk) ■ What is Goetia Cross?
“Goetia Cross” is the story of a mage who stood up to save the world in a devastated world that lost the battle with God.
Enjoy multiplayer battles with unique characters that use voice and Live2D®.

■ Story
There is a world where God has decided to destroy. As a mage, you are destined to fight the fallen angels from heaven, “Tenma.” As you read the story, it divides into four branches , and each story is spun. Is there any of these four branches that can find a way to resist God?

■ World
As the story progresses, symbols will be added to the map. As a mage, you are free to go around the world and challenge the quests that occur in various places!

■ Character
In “Goetia Cross”, voices have been added to some of the characters in addition to the implementation of Live2D®!
Let’s go meet the characters that move to fill the screen.

■ Battle system
Start the battle with a total of 12 battle decks where placement and character development are the keys! Experience a battle that demonstrates strategicity depending on the character’s weapon type.
In raid battles, collaborate with other players to challenge strong opponents!
In addition, we are planning to hold an evolved interpersonal battle, “Magical Battle”, in which the true ability of the player is tested. With all your strength, fight hot battles with the guardians who have the power of other players.

■ Game system (various training elements)
Character development is up to you!
Skills can be changed freely and skills can be acquired, and many training elements are available, such as giving a gift to a character to increase the degree of friendship. Cultivate your own strongest character with a deep training system!

■ Bazaar system
At the bazaar, you are free to buy and sell items with other players. Let’s take advantage of character development by utilizing the bazaar!ゴエティアクロス

MOD APK Features:
Mod Menu
>Combat happens faster
May break if disabling it by toggle; better restart.

GoetiaX Jp


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