European War 5:Empire v2.4.0 (Mod Apk Money)


European War 5 Empire v2.4.0 (Mod Apk Money) Across 2000 years, more than 150 major historical battles
World conquests through 6 eras with over 100 great generals
22 world civilizations, 90 military units

Commander! You are about to build a great empire
*** Your empire will experience 6 ages and explore 2000 years of history
*** As the empire expands, there are a variety of tasks to be explored
*** Seize the cities of the enemy and collect resources to build your own
*** Hire generals in the tavern and pursue beautiful princesses from different countries
*** Trade in the market, defend the frontier, and defeat the invading generals
*** Collect all sorts of materials and grow your empire to a new age

——————【Battle Mode】——————

*** Fight 150 great battles and experience 6 ages including the Classical Age, the Medieval Age, the Empire Age, the Discovery Age, the Gunpowder Age and the Industrial Age.
*** Follow the conquering journeys of great kings such as Alexander, Genghis Khan, Caesar, and Barbarossa

——————【World Conquest】——————

*** Conquer the world in 6 ages
*** Exercise your power to develop economy, declare wars or establish diplomatic relations with other countries
*** Meet various influential events during your conquering journey
*** Upgrade the age and recruit different armies and generals
*** Princesses have different talents, they will promote the development of the empire
*** Show your diplomatic skills form an alliance, declare wars or stay neutral

European War 5:Empire

European War 5:Empire
European War 5:Empire
European War 5:Empire
European War 5:Empire
European War 5:Empire
European War 5:Empire

The mod has been changed.
After adding medals, their number will be set to 10000.

Note: The bug that cannot be automatically archived has been fixed, please uninstall and reinstall to experience the game normally.
Without the Google framework, a lot of gold coins and medals can be obtained by entering the game.


European War 5:Empire v2.4.0 (Mod Apk Money) – ZİPPYSHARE

European War 5:Empire v2.4.0 (Mod Apk Money) – RACATY LINK


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