Code Name Romance Story Game v1.4.0 (Mod Apk)


Code Name Romance Story Game v1.4.0 (Mod Apk)

🧿About the game

Lucy Dream’s another fascinating love game!
A dangerous romance thriller, 🖤Code Name : Romance🖤 is coming soon to play!
Pre-register and win all the rewards for free🎁!

🤍 Be the heroine of the thrilling and dangerous love story!
🤍 Make your choice of your love, and design your love on your own!
🤍 Over 200 choices full of fascinating illustrations and hidden events!
🤍 Villain? or Hero? Whatever you want! Everything is up to you in Code Name : Romance!

Test your love in 🖤Code Name : Romance🖤!


💌“If you want, you can have everything.”

The terrible terror that happened 10 years ago,
Gathered a group of criminals, and named itself ‘Doomsday’.
What is it that’s hidden behind that mysterious day,
and the ‘unknown’ who has been longing for you for so long!

What would you do if you are the daughter of a legendary agent,
and you are meant to be a hero and subdue the villain?
Find out in 🖤Code Name : Romance🖤

💌”Don’t forget, I wouldn’t ever forget about you.”

💘”Adam”, the head of Hades, a dangerous but irresistible man of charm.
💘”Dante”, Zeus’s commanding officer who protects the MC more than anyone else.
💘”Owen”, Agent Zeus and your resting place, who’s hiding a story behind.
💘”Aria”, Hades’ villain with an unexpected charm of outpouring love confessions for MC.

The choice between the villain and the hero,
Make your choice in 🖤Code Name : Romance🖤!

🧿Key Points

[Code Name : Romance is for those who..]

✔Want to enjoy an interactive otome game that’s romantic but also mysterious and dangerous!
✔Are looking for a love story game that’s not lame, and filled with choices of thrilling fantasy!
✔Want to collect all the secret endings with special episodes!
✔Are interested in fateful love in desperate situations!
✔Want to try an otome roleplay episode game with your own choices!
✔Love to play a dating otome interactive game with romantic fantasy stories!
✔Want to interact with attractive characters and achieve your love goal!
✔Like watching anime or manga about love stories and fantasy!

Contact: [email protected]

Code Name Romance Story GameCode Name : Romance Story Game
Code Name : Romance Story Game
Code Name : Romance Story Game
Code Name : Romance Story Game
Code Name : Romance Story Game

MOD Features*
✶ Free Premium Choices


Code Name : Romance Story Game v1.4.0 (Mod Apk) – MEGA NZ

Code Name : Romance Story Game v1.4.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK


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